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Sports Therapy Organisation was Founded in 1999 by Richard Johnson, and he served as STO President until his retirement in 2020, after 21 years at the helm.

In 2005 STO joined the GCMT, which is the Governing Body for Soft Tissue Therapy, and went from being a membership organisation to a Professional Association, working at industry level making changes for the profession with other Professional Associations across the UK.

When it became clear that the Statutory Regulation of Sports Therapy was not going to happen, STO supported the formation of the CNHC in 2008, which with government funding and Dept of Health backing, became the first regulator of the complementary and natural healthcare sector.  STO became a verifying organisation for CNHC.  In recent years with the need to boost standards in non-statutory regulated professions, STO supported CNHC in becoming an Accredited Register for the Professional Standards Authority.   

Sports Therapy Organisation is governed by an Executive Committee made up of the following:

Andrew Spaak - Chair

Kirsty Cooper - Vice Chair and Accreditations Officer

Sarah Catlow - Education and Student Officer

Sandra Franks - Social Media Officer

Dave Batten - Support Officer

The STO Registrar is Kasia Johnson, ńee Trela, who most of our members will know as their day to day contact.

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